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Make Biohacking Simple

You don't have to be a biohacker for this to work. We create your personal fitness plan with our simple and  proven formula.

Unlock Your Personal Freedom

Take the shortcut proven by science to build your strength and upgrade your life. Optimize your mind and body and unlock your personal freedom. 

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If you are a mindful person & committed to personal growth & wellness, but you don't want to spend countless hours in the gym, then this is what you've been looking for.

"BioFit doesn't use complex or intimidating fitness programs. BioFit empowers you with a simple and straightforward results formula."

Who We Are

I am South St. Louis, born and raised. I love this city. I graduated from SLU and WASH U ROTC, against a lot of odds, and have been in the Missouri National Guard almost 20 years. I started BioFit to elevate my home to a level we haven’t experienced in many years. I intend to use the latest fitness technologies and my passion for training and coaching to uplift as many humans as I can to make this city reach its full potential. I am a self-proclaimed biohacker and futurist and I have dedicated my life to the elevation of not only our city but the people in it.

John Zarbock

BioFit // Founder & CEO

John Zarbock Founder and CEO of BioFit St Louis

I grew up in South City St. Louis, graduated from St. Louis University High School with First Honors in 2004, and then obtained my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago in 2008. For the first time in my career, I am genuinely passionate about what I do for a living! Joining BioFit showed me that a career doesn’t have to feel like a job. It brings me great joy to educate our clientele and watch them grow into better and stronger individuals.

Andrew Burr

BioFit // COO

Andrew Burr, COO BioFit StL

I am thrilled to be a part of the Biofit team after experiencing the incredible results, efficient workouts, and supportive community. As a busy entrepreneur, mother, and fitness enthusiast, I am grateful to have found a place where I can continue to grow and thrive. It is an honor to have the opportunity to help others on their health and fitness journey, and I appreciate the holistic approach that Biofit takes with its clients. I truly believe that positive change can transform not only ourselves but the world around us, and it's amazing to be a part of a team that shares that philosophy.

Morgan Mars

BioFit // Facilitation Specialist

Morgan Mars BioFit StL Facilitation Specialists

Growing up in St. Louis and moving around the area my entire life, I quickly became fascinated with the intricacies of the human body and how to optimize its functionality. After graduating from Marquette High school a semester early, I pursued my passion for physical and emotional wellness by becoming a personal trainer in 2017. Since then, I have made it my mission to continue educating myself to provide my clients with the best possible results. With BioFit, I have found the perfect platform to help individuals become their best selves.

Logan Valle

BioFit // Facilitation Specialist

Logan Valle BioFit StL Facilitation Specialist


Less = More

The goal of our Results Formula is ultimately GROWTH: build your strength and upgrade your life. Your physical health directly influences you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and dictates on a daily basis how you work, think, and live in relation to others. Your physical body is the foundation, and the key, to your personal freedom.

What Our Clients Say


I've lost 35 lbs and reshaped my body thanks to the help of John and Andrew.

I've been coming here since January 2020 and I love it. I've lost 35 lbs and reshaped my body thanks to the help of John and Andrew. While they wouldn't take credit for the diet side of the ledger, they do get credit for the physical reshaping and the atmosphere and community that's been established. So, if you like science, data, biohacking, have a bit of entrepreneurial bent, and value your health and vitality as much as you value your time... this is the place for you.

Joel Steele VP, Post Holdings

They are able to deliver a perfect workout every time.

BioFit is the ultimate workout experience! John and Andrew are patient and supportive of your fitness goals. Using their expertise of physiology and the technology they have invested in, they are able to deliver a perfect workout every time. In 9 months my muscles have doubled in size and my strength is up 200% If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, BioFit will surpass your expectations.

Steve Underwood Owner, Energized Flooring

It was a game changer!

A friend of mine introduced me to Biofit in December. It was a game changer! I have been working out consistently for 28 years; running, lifting weights, spinning, yoga, pilates, barre, etc. I have tried every workout there is; some have stuck with me, some have not. Even though I have lifted weights for 28 years, there was not anyway to push myself beyond what I was doing…. until Biofit. In these past few months I have become stronger and I have felt muscles I had never been able to work before. John and Andrew are amazing; they are passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and always fun to train with. The combination of the ARX equipment and the motivation from John and Andrew makes these workouts hard to beat!

Julie Evans-Vitale Founder & CEO, Proper Nutrition

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